2016 Airshow Performers

Adam Baker Airshows
Adam has a unique style of aerobatic flying, combining hard competition style precision with out-of-this-world freestyle gyroscopic maneuvers that set him apart from all other airshow pilots. He redefines the flight envelope” of the EXTRA 330, creating maneuvers that leave spectators wondering: “How did he do that!?!?!”

Younkin Airshows
Sporting experience in aerobatics dating back to age 14, crowds marvel at his ever-changing airshow achievements, laying claim to the only night aerobatic display in the Beech 18 to most recently the Super Decathlon. The third-generation of a family of aviation legends, Younkin blends smoke, noise, choreography and an amazing music score that sets an ever-changing menu of acts apart, and has him placed as one of the most in-demand airshow performers.

RedLine Airshows
Redline Airshows is a dynamic 2-ship formation aerobatic performance team. Ken and Jon return with 10 years under their belt flying formation, with their opposing, inverted and formation maneuvers bringing a level of precision that has become their calling card wherever they go.

Greg Shelton Airshow Inc.
Often described as one of the best aerobatic warbird airshow pilots anywhere, Greg performs a full aerobatic airshow routine in his FM-2 Wildcat, and with his fiancé  Ashley coming aboard as a wing walker, Greg Shelton always delivers the goods wherever he performs.

FLS Microjet
For the last 5 years, Justin Lewis has brought to choice airshow venues one of the most sought-after aerial performances, displaying the “World’s Smallest Jet” and offering a completely unique perspective of high-performance and aerobatic capabilities.

Kate Kyer
Kate Kyer is well-known for her acumen with the Pitts S-2B, and her 17 years flying aerobatic competitions and airshows punctuates an incredible career including more than 27 years of flying professionally, while logging well over 15,000 hours of flight time in a variety of single and multi-engine aircraft.

Bearfeat Aerobatics
Randy Harris and his team have performed civilian and military shows since 1995. His unique demonstration routine of the custom-built, colorful Skybolt 300 headlines the big colorful biplane, constructed of steel tubing and wood with a fabric covering, while it’s patriotic coloring and unpredictable aerobatic moves leaves crowds breathless with excitement.

Texas Twisters
The Texas Twisters T-34 Mentor warbird trainer combines graceful formation flying with plenty of smoke that marks every smooth turn, loop and roll of it’s aerobatic routines. Crowds thrill to the grace and beauty of an aircraft that remains in service more than six decades after it was first designed.

Blue Skies Parachute Team
Blue Skies Parachute Team can be found displaying performances featuring everything from matching canopies, the American Flag, display of the Choctaw Nation colors, trailing smoke, and streamers. It’s always an unexpected treat when these performers ‘drop in’ for a visit!